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Merrybet Preview: Spain - Italy: Except Both Sides To Score

European heavyweights Spain and Italy go head to head in Group G of the 2018 World Cup Qualifiers at the Santiago Bernabeu in what is set to be a battle for top spot. La Roja are ahead of their opponents but only on goal difference with five wins and a draw. They have also scored more and conceded less than their opponents and all these could count for a vital home win at odds of (1.70) with Merrybet. Both sides play out a 1-1 draw in the reverse fixture and punters looking towards this outcome can back it at (3.20) while (5.50) for a repeat score line. Spain have bagged 21 goals in this round of qualifiers while Italy have netted 18 times. The 2010 World champions are unbeaten in their last seven home games. A double chance at (1.15) with Merrybet swings in their favour. Andrea Belotti has kicked off the new Serie A season from where he left off last term and has also been in form in his recent outings with the Azzuri. Ventura will hope he can deliver the goods by scoring anytime at (3.40) with Merrybet.

According to the seventh annual State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, the number of women-owned businesses in the United States has more than doubled in the last twenty years. 1.7 trillion in annual revenue. The number of women-owned businesses is growing 2.5 times faster than the national average. The number of firms owned by women of color has grown by 467 percent over the past 20 years. The UPS Store wants to keep these trends going by continuing to encourage the next generation of female entrepreneurs. If you’re looking for great business ideas for women, look no further than The UPS Store. Our franchise network boasts a growing number of women franchisees. Because we offer many of the advantages that women are looking for when it comes to finding the right business opportunity. The ability to effectively manage time and resources. A support system to match their dedication to making their business successful. "When I became pregnant with our twins, I decided to come have a more flexible job (at) The UPS Store.

The app is entirely free, and allows the user to review available services, request a highly competitive quote, rate service quality through feedback form within justEZI App and even pay through app. For those who are unfamiliar with justEZI, it is the only revolutionary mobile App, launched in Burj Al Arab, in whole of UAE which offers services, through just over 500 trusted partners. Between the high quality services, different service options, all services just a click away and unmatched level of customer service, there is no doubt that justEZI App is rapidly becoming a leader in the United Arab Emirate’s service industry. EZI partners goes through very rigorous vetting process and from 2016 onwards it will be mandatory for all partners to be ISO certified.

Another prestigious invitation for the BitNautic Team, that last night has traveled 6000 Km to showcase our project in Dubai, one of the world’s top centers for Startup and ICO investing. The program will include networking dinners, sunset trips in the desert, private meetings with investors and conferences from the most prominent experts in the ICO and crypto sector, with names like Brock Pierce and Miko Matsumura among the speakers. Our CTO, Richard Zoni, will be invited on stage to pitch our idea in front of representatives from some of the most important investing firms in the Startup scene. "This is a crucial step for our project. It’s an opportunity to share our vision and make connections with the finest minds in the crypto sector. The eyes of the most prominent investors in the world will be pointed at us, looking at the work we’re doing at BitNautic.

Mesh Canopy, which will allow DEWA to provide smart grid applications such as smart electricity, water meter and distribution automation. The new communication platform will cover the whole of Dubai, including Hatta, and will serve all the communication requirements for any smart grid applications. The agreement includes the design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of RF mesh canopy for smart grids. This will allow DEWA to provide secure and reliable communications for smart electricity and water systems, as well as additional services in the future. The move reinforces DEWA’s efforts to implement the Smart Dubai initiative to make Dubai the happiest and smartest city in the world.

"We are pleased to collaborate with Silver Spring Networks, who have a globally proven Internet of Things networking platform that will give us a high-performance network to reliably deliver multiple electricity and water services, to the people of Dubai. Also, we intend to ensure that this platform is completely scalable to easily deploy new services in the future," concluded Al Tayer. "Dubai has long been a pioneer in energy and infrastructure innovation to support its economic growth and sustainability goals. We’re honored to partner with DEWA to bring our networking platform to the UAE, as Dubai continues to establish the infrastructure that will underpin its smart growth and connectivity in the future.

Our open, standards-based solutions enable utilities, cities, and companies to accelerate adoption of Internet of Things devices and services, allowing millions of devices to be securely connected over varying conditions and environments. Dubai will join many iconic cities around the world where Silver Spring has deployed this technology," said Mike Bell, President and CEO, Silver Spring Networks. "We are committed to offering our customers standards-based, multi-application solutions that can help accelerate the development of smart infrastructure of the future. With the heavy reliance on fossil fuels in the Middle East, two-way Internet of Things technology for energy applications could help ease this burden while furthering energy efficiency. DEWA’s grid modernization initiative will help transform the infrastructure underpinning Dubai to help create a more sustainable and smarter future for the region," said Ayse Ildeniz, Chief Operating Officer, Silver Spring Networks.

Silver Spring Networks enables the Internet of Important Things™ by reliably and securely connecting things that matter. Cities, utilities, and companies on five continents use the company’s cost-effective, high-performance IoT network and data platform to operate more efficiently, get greener, and enable innovative services that can improve the lives of millions of people. With more than 25.5 million devices delivered, Silver Spring provides a proven standards-based platform safeguarded with military grade security. Silver Spring Networks’ customers include Baltimore Gas on Friday from 10am to 2am; and on Saturday from 5am to 2am . Metro feeder bus stations at Al Rashidiya, Mall of the Emirates, Ibn Battuta, Burj Khalifa, Abu Hail, and Etisalat will be in service from 5am to 2:10am (of the following day). The timing of the feeder bus service will be synchronised with the timing of the metro timetables. Dubai Tram will be operating from Saturday to Thursday from 6am to 1am (of the following day), and on Friday from 9am to 1am (of the following day). The timing of public buses (Dubai Bus) for main bus stations, such as Gold Souq, will be 4:25am to 00:29am (past midnight). Al Ghubaiba Station will be in service from 4:14am to 00:58am (past midnight).

Following instructions from the machine I put the credit card in, pressed 'Other Services', pressed 'Change PIN', keyed in the PIN they'd given me, keyed in the new one I wanted. Did as I was told and keyed it in again, then again keyed in the one they'd given me. Waited a bit longer to see if it contradicted itself as it had yesterday. Bloody hell, I'd done it! I now had a PIN I wanted on my credit card. Mind you, I don't trust the machine so I won't bother to try to use it. I'll just do the old signature thing. I thought maybe I was on a winning streak so I decided to give the ATM card a go, just to see if it was working and if I could withdraw cash.

Not sure about the PIN though. Would it be the one I had on my previous card or would it be the new one they'd sent me? I keyed in my original number. I tried the new number they'd sent me. Aha. They were getting their own back because I'd just managed a hassle-free successful transaction. I suspect that if you beat the system by managing that, the system goes to Red Alert mode and you go on a watch list. A customer has made a successful transaction without any aggravation. I pulled my card out of the machine and the retribution started.

This machine is temporarily out of order'. So it wasn't going to let me try again. A bit later I was up in Jumeirah 1 and I remembered there's an ATM in Spinneys' entrance. I put my card in and the screen welcomed me by name. I keyed in my original PIN, pressed the appropriate links. Yep, it identified me, snatched my card from me and wouldn't give it back. I called the Bank. Naturally the machine at the other end started asking for things: 'Key in your ten digit personal banking number'. Yeah right, I always make sure before I leave home that I have all my ten digit, twelve digit and sixteen digit bank and card numbers with me. Went home, spread all the papers with numbers on them (do you know how many different numbers a bank gives you?) over the desk and called the Bank again.

The machine made the usual demands for ten, twelve, sixteen digit numbers relating to accounts, cards, personal banking, phone banking. Somewhere in the middle of it all I thought I heard something about 'alternative'. I got the inevitable stuff about 'all our customer service (sic) officers are busy' and I was even told I'd been put in the priority queue (hollow laugh from me of course). Then the machine told me that 'Our Customer Service (sic) Centre is available 24 hours a day. I held and not too many minutes later a human being spoke to me. I'm sorry I didn't note her name because she was actually lucid and helpful. I explained the situation and that I wanted a new card issued. She said she would arrange it and that she had cancelled the card the machine had snatched from me.

Women nowadays face what we all agree is a constellation of problems. And as such are in dire need of incentives which could help them attain a platform for making daily revenue to support their lives. What women need are small business ideas for them. These ideas generally mean some incentives which will be easy and viable to maneuver. Most important is how possible is it to start up the business idea. 200 one can turn this into a profit by engaging in a baby sitting class program. I have seen so many of my neighbors start up schools after starting small through such an incentive. Neighbors who face a challenge in their day t day lives like tight work schedules need their children to be in safe hands. This could provide a great platform for establishing a tiny school for the business owner. The best smart incentives for women would be in the service industry since there are no stocks required. All what is required is consultancy space to offer these services. This is where you need just a few dollars to go into a start-up successfully. These form the best platforms for small business ideas for women. The aspect of what the woman deems as her most valuable skill and what she feels it's her passion will be quite well implemented through such an incentive.

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