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General Features Of Bet9ja Application, How To Download And Use

The information is clear to digest and navigation was made simple thanks to intuitive menu systems. There was plenty of choice in terms of both sports and markets available within each sport offered. All major events across the world were covered, and covered in detail. Once we had registered we then went ahead and saved the Bet9ja mobile optimised site as an app on our mobile device. We were able to do this from an iPhone, iPad, Android mobile phones/tablets and other Smart mobile devices able to connect to the internet. The way to do this differs depending on operating system and mobile browser used but there are three main ways to achieve this. 3. Add the Bet9ja mobile home page to your mobile device’s home page as the Bet9ja app. We found the in-build odds Filter a handy tool to limit our results based on specific odd parameters.

So if we were looking for a specific return from a set stake, this filter was able to clearly strip out the markets and selections that did not provide us with the return we were looking for. There’s even live streaming available across different sport events so we were able to bet and watch the action unfold all from within the Bet9ja app. This. Can be quite data intensive so we would recommend connecting via Wi-Fi when looking to use the live streaming services. Another handy feature of the app is having the ability to view the app in an ‘old mobile’ style mode which is less data dependent and therefore is able to load and perform quicker in lower signal areas.

This is ideal if you are looking to place bets reliably outside of the urban areas. It doesn’t look quite as nice, but still allows a smooth experience at minimal output levels. You can the old look in the image below. Once you've completed your registration, depositing is easy. Simply log into your account, click on the deposit link on the main screen (illustrated on the right). You'll then see a screen which offers you a range of deposit options. You can deposit through your naira debit card, bank collect and Xpath. To deposit simply enter your details on the banking screen and press deposit. Your transaction should be processed immediately and you will see the funds in your account, and you're ready to bet. You can withdraw your money through bank transfer. Note there is a fee of 1.5 % for withdrawal via bank transfer. If your transaction is authorized then your bank account will be credited within 24 hours. To summarise, we were very impressed by the overall package that the Bet9ja app brings. It looks smart, caters for users in low signal areas, has lots of choice, has good offers and a reliable team behind it to provide excellent customer service both before and after registering. It comes recommended from us. Give it a try.

Kolawole Ola, a three hundred level student of Physiology at Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma, Edo state started showing interests in sports betting in a bid to supplement the pocket money he gets from his benefactor (his uncle). Little did he know that he would soon get addicted, to the extent of staking his school fees. He recounted his ordeals; "I started initially by placing bets on games my instincts were very sure of the outcome. My highest winnings was about N125,000 when I staked about N2,000. Thereafter, I continued staking games with greater hope, but I wasn’t winning any reasonable amount until I began staking, using money from my school fees.

I knew of course that I had made a big mistake. Sports betting form about 70% of the gaming industry in Nigeria. Gaming is a generic name for other areas like lotteries, casinos, pokers, amongst others. Sports betting does not exist in isolation but is anchored on sporting and entertainment activities. With football having garnered huge clubsides’ followership in Nigeria, it is unsurprising to see football fans brandishing betting "tickets" when watching football games at viewing centers. Popular sports betting companies include bet9ja, Nairabet, Surebet, Betcolony, Sahara bet, bet365, ParknBet, Winasbet, bet365naija amongst others. With football fans having discovered that watching football matches as a leisurely pastime is also lucrative, new doors of opportunities seem to have literally opened up.

Inevitably, the situation has also transformed the business landscape for sports betting companies. The unprecedented craving for sports betting amongst Nigerians can be linked to the possibility of raking thousands of naira by staking games with amounts as little as N100 "I currently have thirty four people working for me. One of Olukayode’s betting shop patrons, Elijah Agada, a 200 Level Chemistry Education student of the University of Agriculture, Markurdi said that he knows people who have been making money from sports betting. "Initially, I thought it was one of those gimmicks used by gaming-savvy companies to lure people to betting.

When I found out that some of my friends were making easy cash from betting, I had to grab my own share and that is why I am into it now", he added. The ardent belief of punters to get lucky someday as they hedge their bets and wait for their aspirations of winning big cannot be indelibly separated from greed. Another Gboko resident, Anthony Ideha disclosed that he won N5300 the first time he placed a bet on some football matches. "I thought it would continue like that but there was a slow pace to my new luck. I have not won anything in a long while.

Most times, the mistake is just one match wrongly predicted on my ticket. My business crashed because I used my capital to stake matches and never won anything," he submitted. In an attitude of stubborn optimism which resonates with most sports lovers, Anthony is optimistic of a big win any time soon, as he announced that sports betting is like a daily contribution. " I will certainly get my returns in a big way on a day of reckoning", he said. An expert Psychologist and lecturer at the University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Dr.(Mrs.) Ooga Amali pointed to the focal point behind the increased mass appeal of youths to get involved in sports betting.

She affirmed that the economic hardship currently being experienced in the country has made most people, especially youths to become prone to exploring diverse means of making money. "There is a general believe that when you take risks by betting, you may be lucky and when you’re lucky, you are happy". Explaining the adverse effect of sports betting, she said, "Sports betting is like two sides of a coin; just as alcohol. Betting can be very addictive and when you are addicted, whether you have the means or not to bet, you are likely to do anything to just bet. There are instances, where people have staked their assets and source of livelihood, which has led to indebtedness, destroyed marriages and battered lives," she added.

This is however not to say that betting companies do not record their own share of losses. Sylvester Akuva, an agent of a leading sports betting company had a sour experience when a cashier mistakenly printed three tickets for a punter and the predictions turned out right. The agent had no excuse than to pay the punter his total winnings/returns for the three tickets which amounted to N60,000. "It was really a bad day for me because of my cashier’s mistake. I was compelled to pay this punter his N60,000, which the bet company will not deposit into my account." He lamented.

John Maxwell, an artisan, sees sports betting and staking for matches as any other viable legal businesses. He said: "Sports betting and staking for matches are not different from doing legitimate business, which involves risk. Sometimes you lose and sometimes you win. Dr (Mrs) Ooga Amali decried the attitude of parents towards teenagers’ involvement in sports betting, to forestall a morally bankrupt generation. "Parents are so pre-occupied with money that they don’t provide adequate and proper supervision of their children’s activities. If teenagers get into sports betting at their tender age, what would be the hope of instilling the values of hard work and ethics of reward of labour in them?

Big Brother Naija season 4, will be held in Nigeria and the audition dates for the reality show expected to air after Nigeria’s general election has been announced. While Ebuka will be returning as the show’s host, the headline sponsor of the biggest reality show in Nigeria has changed from Payporte to Bet9ja. The audition dates for prospective housemates has also been announced - it will be holding on February 1st and 2nd across 8 cities including Lagos, Ibadan, Benin, Enugu, Calabar, Warri, Port Harcourt and Abuja. We reported before now that a source said that the reality show was put on hold, due to the forthcoming general elections in February. According to him, it was because the show itself usually gets twisted and the sponsors don’t want to mix it up with politics in any way.

Nigeria has proven to be a favourable hub for the investors plying their trade with expert revealing the country as the fastest growing betting empire on the continent. Betting on the African continent has gotten better with the introduction of free bets and incentives by Sports Bookmakers. Free bets introduction has led to the demands for free bets by bookies who try to invest wisely to meet a desired target. Betting in the modern era have gone beyond football as other innovation such as virtual league, Casino and other sporting activity. Nigeria has proven to be a favourable hub for the investors plying their trade with expert revealing the country as the fastest growing betting empire on the continent.

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