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help! strange early scan?? twins maybe???

Hi all, Ill be 10wks on Friday :) I had an early scan at 7wks 6days and it looks very strange? I know it isn’t going to show a clear baby because of development but I googled other scan photos from the same weeks I am and they all looked totally different from mine? Have a look and tell me what you think please?! Possible twins? I’ll have a much clearer scan in just over two weeks. But I’ve also heard about loads of people not picking up a second baby until way much further on or even until birth! Anyway let me know what you think. 😊113a5f70-f8d9-11e8-a329-e321ace9dc06.jpeg132da3f0-f8d9-11e8-a329-e321ace9dc06.jpeg
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