Constipated Baby

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Hi, I’m looking for advice regarding my 3 month old daughter.

She is bottle fed and has been fine until recently. For the past 3 days she has struggled to get her poo out. She normally poo’s around 6 times a day and has recently just been doing 1 in the morning.

She is struggling to poo and she is pushing and making effort noises but nothing is coming out. When it does, the stools are loose.

I have tried giving her water in between feeds, bathing and massaging her but it doesn’t seem to be making any difference.

She is also struggling to drink properly and thrashes her head about and occasionally starts screaming and won’t take her milk. She takes the water with no problem but not the milk.

Any advice?? Help please!



  • Hey Nic,

    I’m a private Maternity Nurse and to me it sounds like your baby may be suffering from some kind of reflux. When she does feed does it come up often, or does she make any swallowing sounds?

    Also may be good to change her formula as it doesn’t appear she is digesting it well, could possibly be some sort of allergy to the milk or an ingredient in it developing.

    I would schedule an appointment with the dr and mention you are worried about reflux/silent reflux and colic.

    Something is definitely irritating her stomach.

    I hope this helps and I hope your bub is feeling better soon.

    Reann Xx
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