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Stretch marks - Good skin products or all down to genes?

edited July 2016 in Pregnancy
Hi Ladies,
Did you get a lot of stretch marks from being pregnant?

I was a bit worried about that, since I have always had big boobs and quite a lot of stretch marks on them. Surprisingly I only got one little stretch mark on my belly from pregnancy which you can’t even see properly if you don’t know it’s there. I did start putting crème on my belly when we decided it was time for a baby but now I am wondering was that the reason I did not get any marks or is it just down to genes?

What do you think?



  • I'm not sure. I haven't had a lot of experience when it comes to stretch marks, but from I read it is likely genetic.
  • Studies says that the stretch marks are caused by the rupturing of the elastic fiber network of the skin during pregnancy and it will not regains its original forum or repairs itself after pregnancy. Hence the marks are permanent and it will not change rubbing something on your stomach before or after pregnancy.

    If your get pregnant for more than once, the number of stretch marks will be higher in the first pregnancy compared to the others as the skin has already lost some of its elasticity during the first delivery. Hope this make sense.
  • I Used dermalmd stretch mark serum throughout my pregnancy and never got stretch marks on my belly. It's not greasy. It's a very rich moisturizer. It doesn't dry up your skin. Love how it makes my skin silky soft. I had a C-section June 2017 and my incision turned to a really dark brown scar. I applied this serum to the incision site and can see the scar fading away within 2-3 wks!!
  • That sounds like a great product Jenny!
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