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Shifting those extra pounds

edited July 2016 in Pregnancy
Did you worry about gaining weight during pregnancy?
How much did you gain and have you lost those extra pounds again?
If so how long did that take you and how did you do it?

I was not really worried gaining any weight. Which is the reason I did gain quite a lot I think, 3stone and 4, 3 pounds to be exact. After giving birth I did not really bother starting a diet straight away but because of the new routines and the fact that I had less time on my hands I lost I lost 1 stone 13, 5 pounds in the first 6 month. Now, after almost 8 month I have finally started a diet to lose the extra pound I still have and so far I have lost another 11 pounds which means I need to lose another 7, 7 pounds to be where I was before the pregnancy. I am not really on a strict diet as I do not believe that is sustainable in the long run so I am just watching what and how much I eat and stay away from sugar.



  • I'm a little worried about gaining too much or I was, but it doesn't seem like it's happening. I'm not going to worry about losing the weight for at least a year after baby is born. I've already put it in my mind that my focus is just on being healthy and being a great mom and if I'm dieting, starving and too focused on my own looks, I don't think I'll be that great at caring for my baby.
  • That's true teachlove. Too much of starving and dieting can affect the milk production, if you are breastfeeding your baby.

    Infact, breastfeeding helps to reduce the baby weight after delivery to a certain extend. You can also do some exercise or yoga to reduce the bumps. Swimming can make you feel relaxed and fit.

    Take proper rest, having only healthy snacks, keep your body hydrated.
  • I also heard breastfeeding will help you lose weight. I really look forward to that and I hope I can breastfeed but I also plan to go with the flow rather than trying to lose weight.
  • Breastfeeding does help you lose weight. After I had the boys, I really didn't change my eating habits too much. I just made sure to stay as active as possible and had lots of fun taking the boys for long walks.
  • That's great 1happymom! I'm glad to hear that breastfeeding worked for you. I do want to lose weight, I'm not just willing to put a lot of effort into it. My cousin has kids and they love to sleep on me. She told me that babies like a soft body and there's a reason we have extra fat as women, so I'm going to hope it goes away naturally and slowly.
  • The important thing is to have the right attitude about weight loss. If eating healthy is a life style, then most of the time things will take care of themselves. We all need a bag of chips or some chocolate every once in a while but if we don't let weight loss consume our thoughts everything will usually be OK.
  • Yes I definitely need my chocolate but I've learned to enjoy it enough to savor it and only have as much as I crave in that moment and move on to something else. That is almost always just one square piece. I found that when I stopped worrying about weight and started caring about good quality foods I became my healthiest, without really trying.
  • Just eat wholemeal and make everything in brown avoid sugar and you won't put any weight on, with my daughter I put on 10kj to my weight within 4 months all because I wanted to be healthy and eat everything white mainly and some junk this time around I have really changed my diet I did it 4 months before I got pregnant so I really get use to it and now not only am I back to my size 12 but also I haven't put any weight on with my second and I'm in my 5th month. Use coconut oil for cooking have brown rice brown bread change potatoes to sweet potatoes and have lots of salad and fruits have diet sodas if you really must and you won't put any weight on 😌
  • I would suggest staying away from diet sodas though. They have a lot of sodium which causes stress and aspartame, which might cause problems in pregnancy and is said to cause cancer. At the same time I've had a lot of cravings for soda during my pregnancy, but I've switched to natural soda and sometimes sparkling juice does the trick too!
  • Iv been having a lot of Diet Coke 🙊
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