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Anyone had an abortion?

edited April 2018 in Pregnancy
Hi there, I am 17 years old and 8 weeks pregnant...

I only discovered this yesterday after feeling morning sickness and immediately just knew....then the test proved me right. Few weeks before I’d been taking tests and all came up negative but I just had a feeling that I was all along.I’m so so scared I’m feeling so emotional the only people I have is my dad and girl best friends who are really supportive. I’m extremely scared to have this abortion and still in complete shock about being pregnant, I’m not prepared to go through raising a child whatsoever so I know this is the right choice! In future (and for all you ladies) if you’re not wanting to get pregnant do not always trust condoms my view on them has completely changed after this!

So the most important thing I need to ask, has any ladies on here gone through a surgical abortion?
What was it like?
I’m so worried about it.
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