Time off to be a wife/partner again

Do you take time off from being a parent to just being a wife, partner or just a women again?

From the beginning my husband and I have taken some time off from being parents and spent time together as husband and wife. My side of the family is more than happy to take our wee monkey once a week over night so we can do something just the two of us.

I never felt guilty or bad for doing that but I hear a lot of mums and dads saying that they could not spend a night without their baby especially when they are just born. I know that he is in good hands and having lots of fun when he is with my parents or siblings, and I get some rest so I think that it is very important for both sides.

What do you think about this and do you take time off?



  • My husband and I decided to go out on a date once a month. My family always watched after our 3 kids and I can say that we really needed the dates. Sometimes my parents watch the kids over night but I'm one of those people who feel guilty about giving them away.
  • I hear that a lot that parents feel guilty giving their kids away over night. I don´t think it is anything to feel guilty about but I guess there is nothing you can do about the way you feel.

    I am glad to have that time with my husband or just with the sofa.
  • I know it must be really difficult with a baby because I'm finding it difficult in pregnancy to feel like anything other than pregnant and feel like I never get enough time with my partner. I'm also exhausted and not getting much sleep. I can't imagine how it will be when baby is born.
  • I'm in a complicated relationship so taking time off from parenting is something that is really needed but never happens. My baby is young but I think taking a daytrip would be incredibly useful, or even a few date nights every few months.
  • I think it’s really important to be able to spend a bit of time with just you and partner or even with your friends after having a baby. Every weekend my partner will look after our daughter for a few hours so I can go for food with a friend and I then repay the favour. Once or twice a month we will do something together and one of the sets of grandparents will look after her. I expected to feel guilty but actually I think you really do need time to just feel like a human being again. I’ve found that it’s helped me adapt to motherhood much better than I thought I would and I still feel like the same person I was before, just with a beautiful daughter.
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