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Troubles with my partner in the pregnancy?

edited June 2018 in Pregnancy
Hi everyone :) I’m new here! I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and am due on the 5th November.. first baby so I’m very excited!

Just having some problems and thought I might be able to see if it’s just me or if anyone else is having the same issues and what I should do.

Me and my partner are really struggling at the moment, we have our own place and money isn’t great and we have a few other issues but just seem to be arguing all the time over the most minor situations. I’m finding it hard to just speak to him about any issues with him as he says I’m having attitude with him.. and then it just annoys me even more.
He already has a child from a previous relationship and I love his child too bits but every weekend my partner rather works or goes to his friends when his child’s in bed and I’m the one that looks after him. I feel like I’m more his dad than my partner.
Is this just me being like this because I’m pregnant or are these real issues? I’m just struggling so much, because everything was fine beforehand but I’m just finding it so much harder to deal with everything at the moment and I don’t know if that’s because I’m pregnant. Please help me!

Also, If anyone lives in the mossley, stalybridge area and would like to make some new friends... please get in touch! I don’t really have a lot of friends and I’m wanting to get in touch with more people.

Thanks for listening :)
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