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Baby names

edited July 2016 in Growth & Parenting
The right name was always a big thing for us. Your baby usually has to stick with it for the rest of its life so we talked about it a lot when I got pregnant. Up until a few years ago I loved the name Damian for a boy but then I met a Damian which spoilt the name for me.

We both wanted a short name and one that not every second child has so we looked through name books for month. As my husband is Scottish and I am Austrian we had to decide if we wanted a Germanic name or a British one. As we are staying in Austria and our surname is Mc ….. I wanted our baby to have Scottish name to fit with our family name.

When we saw the name Reid we fell in love with it straight away and that was it. We only told our family about the name until the birth as we did not want other people spoiling the name for us. So far everybody loved it.

How did you chose the name for your baby?
Did you go with a traditional name or an unusual one?



  • It took us quite a lot time to decide the names for our children. My husband is British and I'm Dutch so we wanted names that our children could use in both countries. Of course we wanted to avoid a name that every second child has but also one not too extreme. So for our boy we decided to call him Finn and our girl Lilith. The names aren't too popular but also known.
    For us it was important that the sound of their names also match our surname.
  • Choosing a name has always been very difficult for me. In my family most people were known by nicknames anyway, so I didn't feel like it would be a big deal to name them something we might not be as enthused about later on, but it was still something I didn't decide on easily. I am still contemplating my 8 month old's name!

    I think it takes time for children to grow into their names, but nicknames are also very useful. Only my oldest is consistently called by her first name, although it is a shortened version of it. We gave her a yogic name, my second daughter's name is pretty unusual but I loved the nickname for her which is Sol which when pronounced means something in English and Spanish. My youngest was named after my recently deceased uncle.
  • I know a family where the kids all have the same initials as the father. Would you consider having the same initials or even sharing a first or middle name?
  • My kids are going to have the first initial of their father. All 3 of them will have the same initials. I'm having a hard time picking two M names that I like.
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