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The Two Week Wait

Hey x
Joined this forum so get some advice and to generally speak about trying to conceive.

I am a Mummy to my gorgeous son who is nearly 2.
My boyfriend isn’t fussed with TTC where as I am and I think now is the time, we’re all ready. He said “if it happens it happens and shrugs”. Been taking folic acid since May and have been trying to catch my O day for three months, bit of a disappointment when AF arrives each time, it makes me wonder what we’re doing wrong. This month my cycle calculations works out I ovulated 18th/19th July (and felt like I did too, My libido was insane).

I have been monitoring each day my symptoms. This month feels very different...
1DPO - dizzy, nothing special, gassy & bloated
2DPO - dizzy & lethargic, gassy & bloated
3DPO - came down with headache, congested nose, runny nose and flu systems Gassy
4DPO - runny tummy, increased hunger, literally rested my head on my arm & fell asleep at my desk, gassy & bloated
5DPO - Niggly little shooting pains in my left ovary area - Non stop sneezing all day!
6DPO - dull heavy achy cramps pretty much all day, annoying twinges in ovaries
7DPO - (Today) Heavy dull cramps, a feeling of stitch, lower back ache, Very irritable, difference in my cm. gassy and bloated

I can’t really remember feeling any symptoms with my first baby... in-fact, I was further gone than me and my midwife thought! I didn’t find out until I was technically 9 weeks and thinking I was 6!

Anyway, I just wanted some positive comments to give me a little boost , hoping this is the month 🤞🏼

Anyone else in their TWW?


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