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Pregnancy tests - pregnant or not?

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I’ve been trying to conceive my second child for about 5-6 months. We didn’t even really have to try with our little boy so it was a bit of a shock when it didn’t happen right away!

I am due my period on Monday but couldn’t resist doing a test yesterday!
The first was a very faint line so much so I wasn’t sure if I was seeing things! I then did a clear blue digital where it tells you the weeks and it says ‘pregnant 1-2’.
I can’t quite believe it - could it be wrong?



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    I’m due my af in just over a week but feel different I first did 2 tests which showed faint lines within the time frame but just to be sure I re done 2 next day and same happened? What do you guys think?? Any opinions appreciated 99e031b0-87b4-11e8-b475-e918379ff75d.jpeg
  • c6f78260-87b5-11e8-b475-e918379ff75d.jpeg this is the tests from night before
  • First month ttc and been using ovulating sticks, every day like is light so no ovulating? Then today although it is still lighter than control line it is a little darker than previous? What does this mean ?9f2499c0-9bfc-11e8-b475-e918379ff75d.jpeg
  • Were you pregnant ? Sorry just interested as post from few weeks xx
  • Took a pregnancy test and one of the line is faint as I see it, is it positive?? Or can no one else see it x89ec1360-9d98-11e8-b475-e918379ff75d.jpeg8a1c2410-9d98-11e8-b475-e918379ff75d.jpeg8a399720-9d98-11e8-b475-e918379ff75d.jpeg
  • I can see the lines - are you pregnant?
  • 01df24d0-a77a-11e8-b426-8b39c17e4da6.jpeg can anyone help?! I found out I was pregnant back in May this year and was 3 weeks 5 days, 2 weeks later I bled so unfortunately was the end of the pregnancy. I am 9dpo today and taken this test this morning with second wee of the day but was only a small amount as couldn’t wait to test any longer!

    Does this look like a positive to everyone else?! I done one on Tuesday which was 6dpo and was completely white no line what so ever but today I can see one?
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