Baby creams and lotions

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The newest thing seems to be not to use any soaps or creams on your baby. I am not sure I agree with that. My midwife told me only to use a bit of baby oil in the bath if the skin gets dry and nothing else. I do use baby shampoo and baby body lotion after the bath because oil will make my babies hair all greasy and his skin a bit dry.

What do you think? Do you use shampoo and lotions? Have you been told only to use oil as well?



  • My midwife said to just use water for the first few weeks. I'm not sure what the recommendation is after that. I think it may be because a lot of lotions, soaps and creams may have chemicals in them that can harm the babies skin, so I could see how oil would be preferred. You might look into things like shea butter, cocoa butter and aloe. Those are natural products that are good for the skin.
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