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Childproof flat

edited July 2016 in Baby Care
My wee boy is starting to move around the flat now and I am not sure how childproof the flat should be. So far I have put locks on all the drawers and cupboard doors that he can reach, closed up the wall sockets and put away all the open cables. Also we are going to wall mount the telly so he can’t reach it and pull it off the TV stand.

What would or did you do to childproof your home? Any tips welcome.
Can you think of anything else we should do?




  • There's a few things I look at.

    1. Moving things with sharp or blocking those edges
    2. Making sure large items are very secure and cannot fall over if pulled up on (there are things you can put to make them not slip
    3. Putting dangerous chemicals or cleaners either up high or in a closed/locked cabinet, closet or drawer

    As well as the ones you mentioned. It sure can be exhausting making sure everything is child-proof and baby-proof. It's also a feeling like you know you missed something, no matter what.
  • You should also need to check the position of the baby crib like:

    1. The crib mattress should not be too high so that the baby should not get hurt even if he falls off
    2. Place it away from windows, doors and stairs
    3. All the chest/drawer should be locked or use open chests so that the baby do not gets trapped inside.
    4. Keep the toilet and bathroom doors closed. Make sure that tubs and buckets filled with water are away from the reach of the baby.
  • A lot of people are choosing to pick homes without stairs and without pools so they are child-proof. I'm not sure how much of an issue this really is but if it is important I'll need to move soon because my place has a large set of stairs.
  • Hey, make sure all the washing liquids and tablets are high up. Toilet bleach and chemicals. Window locks and make sure there's nothing the baby can climb on to get onto the windows.
  • Just don't underestimate them these cheeky monkeys are learning something new every min so don't ever think they can't do this or reach that because they will find a way. My daughter she's almost 3 and recently she's been taking her little chair around everywhere just so she can stand high and reach for things like kitchen counters and windows
  • That's really cute seeing such a little one drag a chair around. But yeah, you're right, it's better safe than sorry and you don't know what they can get into until they try.
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