The Royal Baby is almost here!

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Are you guys excited by the arrival of the royal baby? Or are you not bothered?
We don’t have a monarchy where I´m from so for me it´s just another baby, obviously not as cute as mine ;-). The world seems to be going crazy and I read that thousands of people are waiting outside the hospital to hear the news first.

Would be interested to hear your view on this.



  • I don't have a lot of interest in royals from any country. I suppose people might feel as if they can tell something about who this public figure will be based on what they see from it's infancy? Also maybe they want to be able to have something to tell others, since the royal children will be public figures for their whole lives?

    I wonder what the percentage of older people vs. younger people are invested in this and if that has something to do with traditions within the family of when royalty really ruled the land and was of great importance.
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