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All I want for christmas is my two front teeth

edited July 2016 in Baby Care
My little monkey got his first tooth when he was about 6 month. Luckily he´s a tough boy and wasn’t really in pain. It was just itchy and he was chewing on something all the time and drooling lots and lots. We had to change clothes all the time.

First he got his two front bottom teeth and now a few weeks ago two at the top came out. It wasn’t the two front teeth though but the ones next to them, so now he looks like a little vampire. Very cute! I hope all the other teeth come out as painless as these ones, I could not bear seeing him in pain.

When did you baby start teething? Was it bad for them or as smooth as with mine?



  • My babies have all started teething very early. People thought I was being paranoid when they were teething at just a few months old, but my midwife confirmed it with at least one of my kids. Now with my baby his two middle teeth on the bottom are sticking out a little.

    My oldest two had a tough time with teething, this little guy is having a much easier time at it. He does get a fever every now and then, but usually he just chews and bites on things and does a lot of drooling too. He is always trying to get something into his mouth but he rarely complains.

    My other two are girls and I wonder if gender has anything to do with how they handle the pain. I have yet to use numbing solutions on his gums. I hope it stays this way for the rest of his teething journey.
  • I bought a Teething Pacifier Clip for my little one when she was having the same problem. The brand name was "Rubbery". We really had sleepless nights when she was teething. The Clip actually helped her so much to relieve the pain.
  • Great tip Caitlin. I spoke too soon, my little one woke up so many times last night and has been crying a lot. I'll look into the pacifier clip.
  • My oldest son started teething when he was three months old. By the time he was six months old he had a mouth full of teeth. It seemed to go so quickly but it went rather smooth. My youngest son didn't get his teeth for what seemed like forever. He was miserable and almost as soon as his front teeth came in they started to get cavities. It was a real battle with him. Now that all his baby teeth are gone, it seems that his adult teeth are going to be just fine.
  • Wow momma! Its interesting how different every baby is! I wonder what determines the rate teeth come in and how to prevent that horrible pain and drooling babies have to deal with. How well do teething toys and frozen rings work for teething babies or do you prefer teething medicines?
  • I have always used the toys but I also have another trick. I used Chamomile essential oil. I just put a couple of drops on the end of my finger and rubbed on the effected area. I don't know if it is the actual oil or the pressure applied to the gums but it seems to make them feel better.
  • That sounds like it would be very soothing. I've been wanting to learn about essential oils. I know some people swear by them and use them like a first aid kit for everything!
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