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Problems during pregnancy

edited July 2016 in Pregnancy
From what I read online so far I have had a perfect pregnancy, no problems what so ever, no water in hands or legs, no pains, no stretch marks, no cravings, nothing.

I have only had a bit of morning sickness in the beginning but got some homeopathic pills from the doctor which worked wonders. Still I did not really enjoy being pregnant, the big belly was just in the way and uncomfortable while sleeping, which is to be expected I guess.

I read a lot about problems and aches during pregnancy and see a lot of women with lots of water in their legs. I feel blessed having had such an easy pregnancy.

How was yours? Did you have any problems or aches?



  • My pregnancy was very easy, aside from morning sickness and my tiredness. I felt so tired during my workdays so I had take an after-lunch nap every day. Lucky me my boss didn't mind :) No water in my legs either. I didn't even put on so much weight.
  • @babynose: What job did you have that you could do that? I stopped working a year before I got pregnant because we moved abroad and I had enough to do with the new home and everything so I was lucky to stay at home all through my pregnancy.
  • I'm having a very difficult time. A whole lot of morning sickness, shortness of breath, blood pressure or blood sugar issues, etc. It's a little scary sometimes.
  • All my pregnancies have been different. One was easy, one was hard at first but amazing at the end and the other was difficult the whole time. I can't say exactly what made it that way, maybe a combination of many things. I'm sure stress, environment, diet all played a part, heat probably did too, as I was pregnant during the summer in all 3. Although in the great pregnancy I lived in a place with dry heat.
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