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Baby´s first word!

edited July 2016 in Growth & Parenting
My boy said his first word yesterday! After I have been taking care of him all day almost every day for the past 8 month and Daddy just comes home after work for a kiss and cuddle, guess what his first word was? PAPA!

I have been trying to get him to say MAMA but all he says is PAPA. I know he doesn’t really mean Daddy by it but being honest it would have been nice if it was MAMA ;-)

What was your baby’s first word?



  • My oldest boy's first word was "ball". My husband is a big soccer fan and I think that this was a small reason why :)
  • Haha in our case, it was "GnaGna" because I used this words quiet often when playing with my boy. Though didn't have a lot of meaning it were spelled very accuratly. ;)
  • Well my youngest is 8 months old and he tries to say a lot. He's not actually saying anything but it sounds like he says "mum-mum", "da-da" and "hey" and "bye" when he's babbling. He started saying "mum-mum" first but he says "da-da" more often. My other two said mum or mama first, but then their next words were in Spanish, "gato" for the middle child and "mas" for the oldest. I miss their tiny little voices and love hearing my baby babble!
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