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Diluted cow´s milk for your baby

edited August 2016 in Babyfood & Recipes
What do you think about giving an 8 month old baby diluted cow´s milk every now and again?

It seems like the opinions on this one even among doctors vary quite a bit. Some say it´s ok some say you shouldn’t do it at all before they are at least a year old.

My baby gets two bottles of formula and two normal meals a day. So have he has done well with all the different foods we have given him. Now I am thinking about giving him diluted cow´s milk for his tea instead of formula. I have heard from a lot of doctors who don’t approve with the follow on milk formulas.

What do you think?



  • I was just watching a health show today on the television. They recommended to not give cow's milk until the child is after a year old. In my family there is a lot of irritation and sensitivity to cow's milk, so I never have it intentionally and don't intend on giving it to my kids. When I recently had pasta sauce with cow's milk as an ingredient my exclusively breastfed baby had a pretty bad reaction. I don't believe anyone in my family can tolerate it.
  • It is better not to give the baby cow's milk until 1-1.5 years. Babies will not be able to digest the proteins in cow's milk until then. Formula is a better option. You can slowly introduce cow's milk to the baby and check for any reactions. If they are fine with it you can initially mix it with formula and slowly increase the proportion as cow's milk is not as sweet as formula.
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