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Growing up bilingual

edited August 2016 in Growth & Parenting
Our boy is growing up bilingual as my husband is Scottish and I am Austrian. He speaks English to him, my family German and me both. I think it’s sad that some bilingual parents don’t teach their kids both languages as it’s a great start for them to be fluent in more than one language.

I read that kids growing up with two languages can take longer to start speaking and they will mix both languages in the beginning.

Are there any bilingual parents out there? Maybe you can tell me how it was with your child. Would be interesting to hear about your experiences.



  • My daughter and my son are growing up bilingual. I'm Dutch and my husband is British. I am speaking just Dutch with them and he just English and
    we are strict about that. My daughter is 1 and two months old and sometimes she mixes both languages. My son he is three now and improves both languages from
    day to day. He has no problems separating both languages. When they are old enough I will teach them to read and write in Dutch.
  • Also my daughter grew up bilingual. We took the chance to see a specialist who was very helpful and gave us a brief overview and tips of common problems in bilingual upbringing. I really recommend booking 3-4 hours with a specialist as it was very helpful to have some sort of "What's to come", "How not to confuse your child" and strategies that do also make sure that your kid is frustrated with the parents trying too hard.
  • I am trying to raise them bilingual. I speak Spanish all the time, I figure I don't need to speak English as it's all around us. Sometimes I do a great job of it but sometimes I forget for awhile. I am trying to get into the habit of speaking it more strictly.
  • It might be a little more difficult for me because I don't really speak the language but I am trying to learn German, and teach my stepdaughter, because my other step daughter speaks it. I also want to teach my baby when it is born. I don't have tips yet, but I have taught language to older kids and adults so we'll see if it's a similar process. Obviously I can't give worksheets to my baby, but we'll see.
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