Nuchal translucency

Hi looking for some help or advice. Had my first scan yesterday and was told my baby has to much fluid behind its neck. For the sonogropher to say "oh a healthy baby" to then "oh no something's wrong" putting the fear of God into me running out the room and coming back. Then being told there's to much fluid and it's very bad could be linked to genetic disorders. To then go and see my midwife to her then to make me sit and explain what they said (although she already knew) for me to absolutely break my heart again. Sent to another hospital for another scan to be told the same thing by the specialist and the same ignorance as if I was an animal. For him to then say "you coukd abort and try again" without even knowing what is wrong! He left a message on Glasgow's answering machine for me to have a CVS, sent me away with nothing but a leaflet with directions on how to get to Glasgow hospital. Not given a due date or a scan photo!! As this is my first pregnancy I am absolutely terrified and don't know what to expect and have just been left in the dark. No blood test or anything was taken either yesterday.
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