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Skinny baby

I just want to know if I'm alone out here. My girl is 5 years old, she is 16 kgs and 106 cms tall. She looks very skinny. She has thick, lustrous hair and hence her head looks bigger than her body. Everybody asks me whether I am feeding her enough. I dont find any problem in her eating habits.


  • I was very skinny like this when I was a child. I ate very, very well, some people would say I ate too much and had nothing to show for it. Later when I got to be much older I started having a lot of health problems, around the age I was a teenager. I discovered in my early twenties that I really had a lot of food sensitivities, including to gluten. Once I stopped eating gluten and started monitoring my food better, I actually became healthier, stronger and gained a healthy amount of weight. I had always thought that if I ate a lot of fatty junk food I might gain weight, but that never worked. My body couldn't properly digest things and so I wasn't getting much nourishment from it.
  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I too understand that trying to make her eat junk food with the intention to make her chubby can create health issues for her in the near future. But I get irritated when someone asks me "Are you feeding her or not?" Anyhow, I have to ignore it.

    I have noticed that she doesn't chew her food properly. She tries to swallow it as it is. I have told her so many times but I think she is too small to understand it. Is that a problem?
  • Some people (myself included) have a harder time with chewing. I forget what this condition is called but it's something about the strength of the jaws. You might try giving more blended, pureed and softer foods.
  • As long as she is generally healthy and the doctors are not concerned, I would say that you shouldn't worry too much about it. If you feel she needs to gain a few pounds, junk food is not the answer. Try whole milk (depending on the child's age) rice, potatoes and beans. Keep some dried fruit around for snacks. All children are different. Don't let other people make you feel a certain kind of way. If you feel like she is eating well, then you are probably right. Just make sure the doctors agree and you should be just fine.
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