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Hair loss after delivery

I started having hair fall after 5 months from delivery. Now my hair is super thin and almost bald on the crown area. I can see the scalp and I am scared to brush my hair. Can some supplements help me solve the problem? I loved my hair and now feel depressed.


  • I'm sorry you're suffering with hair loss Caitlin. Are you breastfeeding? I've read that it's very common in breastfeeding, but also it's just really common for some women during pregnancy and after delivery, even if not breastfeeding. It seems to be hormone related unless there's another medical issue. Maybe it will be a good idea to see a doctor about it. In terms of supplements if it is hormone related you can use rosemary or peppermint essential oils in your shampoo. You could also use Biotin, Niacin, Iron and Zinc to see if that will help. You might also continue taking a high quality prenatal vitamin. I hope to see how this progresses for you.

    I have also had similar issues after giving birth but it has started to grow back on it's own.
  • Thank you for your suggestions, yogimama. I have stopped breastfeeding because if the issue. I don't feel like having any other issues. Everything is normal as before.
  • Me too have the same problem...I have consulted a doctor and she told that it will be already within a few months...Now my hair fall has reduced but the hair that I have lost is not growing back. It has gone so much thin...

    Do anyone have some remedy for the issue?
  • I was told that it was due to a decrease in estrogen levels after delivery. My doctor said that it was temporary and it was. Her only advice, however, was to get a new haircut that might make my hair look more full. I did and the hair loss eventually stopped. Not very helpful I know, but that is how I made it through.
  • Getting a flattering haircut is a great idea. I wouldn't recommend stopping breastfeeding over a temporary hair issue when there's so much you can do with your hair.
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