Parenting While Sick

I've been feeling quite unwell lately. I've been having migraine headaches, nauseous stomach and more. I've been really exhausted, congested, etc. I try not to take any medicines, especially while breastfeeding, but I've taken a few that are safe with breastfeeding. Still it doesn't feel safe to me and my baby always seems to have a reaction of vomiting whenever I take something.

Once I also took something not realizing it was going to make me really groggy and loopy. Luckily I was not alone and was able to have others watch the baby while I fell asleep for a bit.

I would love to know of some safe, natural things that can help when you are feeling like you're coming down with something, or you're under a lot of pain like with a migraine, or even if you're very nauseous and exhausted. What do you use?


  • Things you can do to avoid migraine attacks are:
    1. Identify and avoid your migraine triggers like empty stomach, food causing indigestion and gastric issues, stress etc
    2. Choose a calm place to take rest and get the help of someone to take care of the babies when you are alone. Sound and sharp lights can aggravate migraine
    3. Proper medication

    You may also check the link below for natural remedies:
  • Try changing your diet up a little bit. There are lots of healthy things that you can eat to boost your energy. Foods like sweet potatoes, spinach will really help. Also a spoonful of local honey every day will boost your energy and help with some of the congestion. Make sure it is local honey, so that you can reap all the benefits.

    I have a strange cure for migraines but it works better than anything I have ever seen. You place your hands and feet in warm water and place an ice pack on the back of your neck. Works every time. Hope this helps.
  • Thanks for the advice momma. I will definitely try a change in diet. The migraine trick of putting an ice pack on my neck usually works but if I t doesn't I will try putting my hands and feet in warm water too!
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