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Pet ideas

My 5 year old is very fond of animals and she is now asking for a pet of her own. Sometimes she is asking for cats, sometimes rabbit and sometimes dogs. We all are fond of dogs and find it a good option

Can someone suggest a dog breed that are very friendly, small (not too small), cute and easily manageable? I am not interested in pugs and long hairy breeds.


  • This is tough for me. If this is her first pet I would try something easier. Dogs, cats, bunnies, etc. are all very difficult, time consuming, potentially dangerous pets to have at such a young age. You also don't know her maturity level to care for an animal since it's her first time having one. I would start with something even more low maintenance.

    If you feel you must have a dog, I'd try to get an older dog that is already well-trained and relaxed. As for a breed, I think I would go for a Lhasa apso, Poodle, Jack russell terrier, Italian greyhound, Australian Shephard, Beagle or Bassett Hound. I don't recommend the really small dogs because they tend to be a lot more work.
  • I agree about the older well-trained dog. You don't want to be training a puppy while having small children. We got our grandsons a Malamute. Yes, he is a big dog, but he has the best personality ever with the boys. I would try Beagles if I wanted a good medium sized dog with a good personality.
  • I've found a lot of bigger dogs are actually great around kids if they are brought up in a safe environment. It might be worth considering. They consider a child to be something to protect
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