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Getting It All Done

What tips for the home help you get things done on a daily basis?

What all are the responsibilities you have?

For me I have to
1. make 2-3 meals a day,
2. educate 2 children,
3. clean,
4. part-time work,
5. feed/water dog,
6. clean,
7. breastfeed the baby
8. put the baby and kids to sleep
9. change the baby's nappies
10. find time for me


  • I don't have many right now it's:

    1. Feed myself well
    2. Take my medication
    3. Work
    4. Clean
    5. Get any appointments, errands and miscellaneous stuff (like shopping) done
  • The only tips I have to add are to plan and set reasonable goals and expectations of what you are able to accomplish in a day. Routines are great, but when you are a parent you have to be ready to adjust when things come up.
  • Being flexible is really important but its one of my weaknesses. I'm hoping pregnancy is teaching me patience and to let go because I am not able to control my life the way I used to and it is overwhelming at times.
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