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Naturally Curly Hair

Naturally curly hair can require a lot of upkeep. I'm starting to feel overwhelmed with caring for my hair already and I'm just getting into my second trimester. Do you have any stories or recommendations on keeping up with curly hair during pregnancy and most importantly just before giving birth? Because I know after the babies are born I won't have the time to do much with my hair!


  • I cut all my hair off with my first pregnancy! In the second I let it grow into locks, in the third I had it braided and twisted and wore Head wraps to cover and protect it. If you don't protect it with protective styling it could get matted and a lot of breakage. Its definitely difficult to care for in the first weeks after giving birth if its not properly styled.
  • A really great thing to do is to cover your hair with babies and small children around. Curly hair can be weak around the edges and I've had babies I've taken care of tear at my edges. Now I keep a bandana, large headband or headwrap whenever I'm around small children. You can keep it in a ponytail or braided underneath but I suggest investing in a few head covers.
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