Safest Solid Foods for Babies

At what age did you start feeding your baby solid foods and what are the foods that seem safest, most nutritious and that your baby liked the most?

I am trying to find foods my baby will like to eat, although I know he doesn't need to eat food, he really enjoys reaching for food when I am eating, but I want to be careful and make the most nutritious food for him to eat.


  • I started feeding mine a few solid foods anywhere from 6-8 months old. Introduce foods to them one at a time. Make sure that they are not allergic or don't have any adverse reactions to a certain food before trying another. I started with mashed potatoes, bananas and pretty much anything that I was eating as long as it was mashed enough that they could eat it without choking.
  • I know a lot of people feed their babies apple sauce, pear sauce, smashed avocado.
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