How did your baby learn to walk?

My cousin just got a baby walker for her baby. She told me she would give it to me when she was done with it. I'm having twins, so I'm wondering how long do people usually need a baby walker and what other ways to babies learn to walk? Also do you think my babies can share one or would I need two?

Also what age did they learn to walk and have you seen girls learn earlier than boys?


  • I think my oldest daughter started using one at 7 or 8 months and probably stopped around 14 months, even though she was walking at 10 months.
  • About seven or eight months sounds right. My kids really didn't use them that long however. The one son really liked it but the other did not. I might try it with one walker for awhile and see how it went. You may have one that doesn't like it at all. You may only need one. I am not sure how it works when you have two in a walker at the same time, but depending on the size home you have it may get a little crowded with two little walkers whizzing around.
  • Mine spent some time in a walker. I would also encourage them to stand up and hold on to furniture and other things. Gradually they would move a little and then a little more until they were comfortable enough to get around on their own. I was always very cautious about all of this however. I tried to make sure that there was nothing around with sharp edges and was always very near to them while they were trying.
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