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What is the best age to send your child to preschool?

I have been wondering if it is time to send my three year old to preschool. He stays with my mom while I am at work and she is very good at working with him and teaching him the things he needs to know for school but I wonder if he needs more socialization. What age do you think is appropriate to send a child to preschool?


  • It really depends on your personal situation. How much is he around other children? Does he have other outlets like church or sports that he does to? Is you mom just tired? Does she need a break? Can you afford the costs of preschool? I don't really think that preschool is essential for every child and every situation. The experts would probably disagree with me on that one. After putting five children through school though, I have found that is really depends on the child and the situation.
  • I've read some data about delayed schooling being better for the child, I will try to find it. It is something to say before the age of 7 or so school can actually have a negative effect on the ability to learn.
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