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My three year old is having a hard time sharing with his two year old brother.

My three year old son has begun hiding his toys from his two year old brother. I want him to share but I also think he is needing some personal space of his own. He is very kind to his baby brother and they usually get along really well. Do you think that allowing them both to have some things that are just theirs is ok?


  • I think its good to allow them to have some things just for them. With them being so close in age it can cause a lot of conflict if they have to share everything. At least that's what I've seen. Those are very difficult ages where they learn to establish and assert themselves from others.
  • Sometimes it is good for them to have their own things. Let them have a few of those. Also make sure that there are some things that they do together. Try to foster a sense of closeness with them when you can. It will be invaluable when they are older. The love and support that my older children give each other is really a beautiful thing to see.
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