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How often does your baby get a bath?

I've been told many times too ma y baths can irritate skin. With my baby having skin irritation regularly I'd love to find a balance between too few and too many baths. I have a soothing oatmeal bath for him and I will try to stick with that in his baths but I still wonder how often do you/did you bathe your baby?


  • I always bathed mine at least once a day if not more. They had sensitive skin also and I found that as long as I used really gently soaps and shampoos and watched what I washed their clothes in, they were fine. Usually they were only irritated if we used something that they were allergic to.
  • My step-daughter is allergic to a lot of things like grass. She also has eczema so she has to get a bath every night and get medicated cream on her skin.
  • I've decided not to give him baths everyday. I noticed that when he gets a bath his skin gets more dry every time. I try to skip 1-2 days depending on his level of activity.
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