How long are you going to use a pram when you go out with your baby?

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I am seeing more and more kids in the prams that look way too old to be in there, some don’t even fit in properly anymore and have to pull up their legs. I am not planning on using a pram for years. I figure as soon as he can walk we can go out for small errands without it. Of course if we are planning bigger trips we will still take it with us for when he gets tired of walking but for short walks I would like to leave it at home once he is stable on his feet.

What do you think about this?



  • When my boy was born I used the pram until he could properly walk. For little walks, I left it at home. It also helped that my little on always wanted to walk from the moment he could.
    My daughter is harder to get her to walk. After a periode of time the she gets really tired and before I have a child beeing grumpy all the time I let her sit in the pram. But it's getting better with her.!
  • so how old is your girl now? My boy is 13 month now and started to walk a few weeks ago. Because he is still a lot quicker crawling he does not always want to walk though, so we still need the pram. Once he gets more confident in walking I will try and leave the pram at home if we just nip into town.
  • In the U.S. it's called a stroller. I have barely used one with either of my children while babies or toddlers, but I've been more likely to use them while they are toddlers because they walk very slowly and are very easily distracted. I've worn my babies a lot in slings and baby carriers like baby bjorn and ergo carriers.
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