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What are some good educational options for your toddler?

I have started trying to teach my grandsons some things that they will need for school. Other than just singing and making games out of ABCs and numbers, is there a good curriculum out there that I can get to help them?


  • Starfall.com is a great site with pre-k curriculum you can buy as well as free downloads and games. I highly recommend it. I've used it with both of my oldest kids from a young age.
  • I would look into language learning curriculum. Its great to learn a second language as early as possible! Sign language is also a valuable skill as well as music. There is Suzuki type training that starts toddlers playing an instrument as soon as they can hold the instrument!
  • Thanks all! I will check these out.
  • I am a Grandmother too and I like stacking blocks of different sizes and drawing different coloured shapes and cutting them out and gluing them on paper. U can do rows of circles, triangles oblongs etc. Have fun also though by reading all child like subject. Playing with water is also fun and you can do floating and sinking, heavy and light.

    I think there are lots of lovely ideas on https://babyconfused.com/playingcontinued/
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