Christmas the four letter word.

I have never spent a lot on my little ones for Christmas. I buy them one really nice thing and a couple little things. Then I take them with me every time I do something for charity at Christmas. I want them to realize that Christmas is more about giving than receiving. Some of my friends think that the boys will not be happy about that when they get older and will think that mom is not doing enough for them for Christmas. I think that we will establish some very important traditions. Just trying to get some opinions on the subject. Should I buy them more things or should I just keep on doing what I am doing?


  • My dh is going through the same thing. There are people saying he doesn't give enough Christmas gifts to his daughters but I disagree. For one thing no one is obligated to give gifts and I think its going to encourage entitlement and ungratefulness to shower kids with tons of gifts for no real reason. Then if you can't afford it one year they will really be upset. He also doesnt believe in materialism and gives his girls things that will benefit them long-term like dance camp and things like that.

    I do think we need to establish more traditions though because without that it is easy to compare experiences and it could look like they are missing out unless the overall experience is full of rich and fulfilling activities.
  • @teachlove . My grandparents always took us out during the holidays and I always enjoyed all the things that we did for other people. My cousins and I still talk about it all the time. Some of us even get together and still do things like we used to. I just want my children to have the memories that I have when they are grown.
  • Those are awrsome traditions. I used to go to feed the homeless with my patents. Other than that we visited family but we did also get a lot of gifts.

    I don't see myself battling crowds during holiday season though. I would rather get a few things they like throughout the year than concentrate it all on one day. It just feels like too much pressure to me!
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