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Memories of your babies

I am just an old mama who joined this board to help me remember all my old tips and tricks so I can use them with my grandsons. My children will soon be grown and out on their own. I have been taking a few trips down memory lane here recently and was wondering what are your favorite memories of your children that you think that you will remember forever.


  • I remember when my oldest daughter was a year old she would spontaneously start teaching yoga to my friends and clients. Even to family. It was really sweet and cute and I miss her being that little. She us turning 10 soon!
  • I love this topic because my baby does something new everyday. Today he was just laughing for no reason at all. Just to laugh, have me laugh and maybe keep himself awake while I was trying to put him to sleep. He's 9 months old and its super cute to hear his little laugh! He also loves his own reflection and shadow and talks to it and laughs at it.
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