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What is the typical bedtime in your home?

I'm wondering what time is normal to put babies and kids to sleep and also is it normal for there to be a separate bedtime for adults or to you go to sleep at the same time as the children.


  • I try to put the kids in bed around 8pm and I try to get to sleep by 10. If the kids go to sleep late. I still try to get a half hour or so alone or in adult company before I go to sleep. I really priorize sleep because I am such a mess without plenty of sleep and it has exacerbated many illnesses in my life because I used to struggle with insomnia.
  • We have a 7:30 in bed rule for the 7 year old because it takes her awhile to go to sleep. For our teenager its 9pm. I end up going to sleep between 11 and 1 lately but it won't stay like that. That's more because of pregnancy. I'd probably go to bed around 9pm but sit up and watch TV, talk or rather work on putting the baby to sleep. I hope to fall asleep before midnight each night.
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