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Iv been suffering from spd from 10 weeks of my second pregnancy I'm
Now 18 weeks and it just seems to be getting worse. My husband is really helping out but the chores and pain isn't the problem anymore since iv found a way to deal with it. I just feel really bad for my two year old she's 3 soon but I can't even take her out to the park anymore because I'm in that much pain or can barely walk, I know winter is coming and wer going to be indoors most of the time. My husband takes her out on the weekend and we buy her toys to keep her entertained. I just think she's getting really bored even though my husband takes her out when his back from work for an hour to the park, it's just difficult getting through the day when I'm in bed and she's just there by herself.
Anyone going through the same thing or have any ideas on how I can keep her entertained at home ?


  • I don't have your problem exactly but I can relate because I was in the hospital for a long time when I was a teenager and I couldn't get up or go anywhere. Since your daughter is so young she can't read but you can play rhyming games, I-spy charades, puzzles or just tell stories.

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