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Did you christen your baby?

edited August 2016 in Growth & Parenting
Neither my husband nor I are religious people like many young people nowadays so we have decided not to christen our boy just because of traditional reasons.

It seems that many people still christen their babies even if they do not believe in god. I don’t really understand that to be honest. Fair enough if you are religious but if you are not why christen him or her?

We just had a little celebration with the family where we announced who we would like to be the guardian in case anything should happen to us.

We are planning on teaching him about different religions so when he is older he can choose what he wants to believe in himself.

So my question is, are you religious and did you christen your child? Was it maybe just because that is what you do? Or do you or your family have another religion and you don’t believe in but still raise your baby in that religion?

Would be interested to hear your views



  • I'm not going to Christen my baby. We are not religious but I want to explore spirituality and do like you and raise him to learn about different beliefs. As for a guardian that is something I think about a lot. The people I trust most are pretty old and might not make the best choice for a long-term solution. This is something I am thinking on.
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