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When do you think or did you start meeting up with other kids to play with your baby? Do you think that is important?

In my family our boy is the only baby and none of my close friends have any either. So far he just played with us but I was thinking it would be good for him to meet other kids his age.

I just haven’t found the right playgroup for him and I am not going to send him to nursery until he is 3 or 4.

How do you deal with this?



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    I have 2 Brothers and 1 sister and I'm the youngest. All of my siblings have children already, so we often do something together. None of my close friends have any kids either, so I bring him for 2 or 3 days to a playgroup. There are lot of children with different ages there. They can play, sing, dance and learn together. But it took me a quite long time to find the right playgroup.
  • So far we have found two other mothers that we do meet up with every now and then. My boy however is not really interested that much yet. I quess we ll just keep meeting up and see what happens.
  • I was thinking of putting him into a class like baby signs or finding another group. He is only 8 months and I don't think it's that important at this age, but soon I want to find something for him to interact with babies around his age and for me to interact with mums of babies.
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