Division of Responsibiities

What is the division of responsibilities in your home? Are there certain chores or topics one of you takes care of or do you take turns or work together on certain things? Are there any things that you look for help to get done outside of your family?


  • Well, we're still trying to figure this out but for now, we're somewhat traditional. I take care of most of the household related things and he takes care of most of the working outside of the home. I work a little outside the home but only part-time during the school year.

    We both cook and clean but I do most of it. He takes care of most things that need to be fixed. Since they are his kids and he knows them better (and for longer) he does a lot of taking care of the kids, but this might change when our baby is born.
  • I think if you have a system already that's good. Just make sure you both are flexible and realize that while you're recovering you'll need an alternate plan. I'd try to discuss that before the birth, as well as reassessing afterwards and try to accept as much help as you can get. And make sure you both understand how much more will be on your plate when you have the baby...including emotional stress, sleep and feeding or breastfeeding, plus all the picking up, holding the baby, worrying about it, researching things, asking for advice, doctor visits, feeling touched out and the obvious stuff like diaper changes, etc.
  • We haven't lived together for very long so there's not much that's established so far. I honestly do most of the household stuff and we both work but I know that will change when the baby gets here. I guess we really need to discuss as much as possible and make a plan. I wonder if there's some kind of guide to do this.
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