Going Back To Work

I am stay at home mom and I work from home as a marketing freelancer. I resigned by job before 6 years to take care of my baby. I would like to start working again as my girl is now going to school and I am free.

Do you have any advice to help boosting my confidence? I don't know where and how to start as it's a long gap? Do I need to take up some coarse or undergo some training to help me get a job? How can I convince a recruiter regarding the 5 years gap that I have taken?


  • You might try volunteering somewhere first to get your confidence back up and add some experience. After that, you could take a course, but it's probably not necessary. You can then just add in your cover letter that you took a break to work at home. Working at home should be considered a part of your work history and not represent a gap.
  • My mom took a long break after I was born. Before she started work again she went to school for a little while. I think going to school is a great way to build your confidence up, get some new skills and get back into the routine that is similar to going to work.
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