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  • I would suggest staying away from diet sodas though. They have a lot of sodium which causes stress and aspartame, which might cause problems in pregnancy and is said to cause cancer. At the same time I've had a lot of cravings for soda during my p…
  • It looks a lot like one of my scans, so I'll say we're both having boys!
  • That's really cute seeing such a little one drag a chair around. But yeah, you're right, it's better safe than sorry and you don't know what they can get into until they try.
  • I don't have your problem exactly but I can relate because I was in the hospital for a long time when I was a teenager and I couldn't get up or go anywhere. Since your daughter is so young she can't read but you can play rhyming games, I-spy charad…
    in SPD Comment by faith22 September 2017
  • A lot of people are choosing to pick homes without stairs and without pools so they are child-proof. I'm not sure how much of an issue this really is but if it is important I'll need to move soon because my place has a large set of stairs.
  • My kids are going to have the first initial of their father. All 3 of them will have the same initials. I'm having a hard time picking two M names that I like.
  • My mom took a long break after I was born. Before she started work again she went to school for a little while. I think going to school is a great way to build your confidence up, get some new skills and get back into the routine that is similar t…
  • I think the most important things to get are the things you're going to need a lot of or get everyday. I would say diapers, clothes, wipes, a place for the baby to sleep, carseat and blankets. Those are the most important. Other things you can ge…
  • We haven't lived together for very long so there's not much that's established so far. I honestly do most of the household stuff and we both work but I know that will change when the baby gets here. I guess we really need to discuss as much as pos…
  • How old are your grandsons? I'm not sure what is appropriate but I know some kids are on tablets and phones for hours everyday.
  • I've found a lot of bigger dogs are actually great around kids if they are brought up in a safe environment. It might be worth considering. They consider a child to be something to protect
    in Pet ideas Comment by faith22 August 2017
  • Those are awrsome traditions. I used to go to feed the homeless with my patents. Other than that we visited family but we did also get a lot of gifts. I don't see myself battling crowds during holiday season though. I would rather get a few thi…
  • That's great 1happymom! I'm glad to hear that breastfeeding worked for you. I do want to lose weight, I'm not just willing to put a lot of effort into it. My cousin has kids and they love to sleep on me. She told me that babies like a soft body …
  • I don't have many right now it's: 1. Feed myself well 2. Take my medication 3. Work 4. Clean 5. Get any appointments, errands and miscellaneous stuff (like shopping) done
  • I really wanted to have kids young, but I thought I would wait a little longer. I was almost done with school but I was starting to feel a little unsure about what I'm studying and what I really want to pursue career-wise anyway. I think it will…
  • Hi, I'm 22, I am pregnant with my first, except that my first will be twins! I'm excited and nervous!
  • I also heard breastfeeding will help you lose weight. I really look forward to that and I hope I can breastfeed but I also plan to go with the flow rather than trying to lose weight.

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