Where is the best place to get rid of your old baby items?

My daughter and I had a garage sale last weekend. She has so many baby items that my grandsons do not use anymore. We have quite a few items left from the sale. She was thinking about trying to sell them online. Have any of you tried this before and how did you go about it?


  • I have sold a few things on ebay. You could also put things on craigslist, facebook or try a local consignment shop. All of this will depend on the type of items you have, how old they are and what condition they are in.
  • We have a lot of name brand clothes that are barely worn and some still have the tags on them.
  • I would put those types of items on ebay or amazon. Consignments shops don't give you a lot back for newer items and with facebook or craigslist you're not likely to attract as many potential buyers.
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